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Why Exotrac

Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management (YMS) solution provides you with a cloud based system and comprehensive visibility of critical data within your supply chain.


    Industry Leading Solutions at an Economical Price Point


    Cutting edge cloud hosting service ensures highest level of security and 99.9% up time


    Real-time visibility of all transactions


    A complete timeline and searchable history of all activity


    Seamless integration with enterprise systems


    Adapts to your individual operational needs


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Cloud-Based Mobile Supply Chain Solutions

Quotes From End Users

 Detention is always a big issue for us. Keeping track of both drop loads and live loads. We got a detention bill for over $80,000 the other day. But when we looked up the details in Exotrac and showed the timestamps to the carriers, that whole bill just went away. - S. Thompson, Transportation Manager 

 One great thing about the Exotrac system is that we didn’t have to go through IT at all. They’re cloud based, so everyone in our organization can reach their website on any computer here. And they provided all the handhelds, all on cellular, so they never even accessed our network. It saved so much time. - R. Rogers, Operations Manager 

 Talk about low cost. They should be charging 10 times as much for what they can do. And at the end of the day, the system more than pays for itself by minimizing detention and demurrage costs. Not to mention fewer man hours to get more work done. - G. Lee, Plant Manager 

 We were constantly losing trailers and containers at our facility. But since we got Exotrac, everything we need is a quick search away – whether it’s at my facility or another one in our network. A couple clicks and I have the exact trailer I need in the precise dock door where I need it. - F. Jones, Receiving Manager 

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