Trac Ahead Software for Yard Management

Trac ahead synchronizes yard and dock door operations to ensure direct put away optimization corresponding to the unique needs of every business. Trac ahead automates processes such as door scheduling and trailer placement without requiring any human intervention.

Trac ahead is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which allows carriers and vendors to request appointments using a web portal helping businesses of all sizes to control the flow and enhance optimum planning of the arrival and departure of trailers to and from their site(s).

Multiple sites can be managed from one location, since its user friendly platform simplifies and organizes efficient appointment management and reduces load/unload wait time and delays, as well as, maintain security.

Dashboard reporting highlights discrepancies between trailer’s scheduled arrival time versus the actual arrival time and allows for constant inventory visibility and performance management.

Exotrac’s on-demand solution allows clients to access their YMS (Yard Management System) application from any Internet connected computer or mobile device, which makes it a true turn-key solution. Trac ahead breaks the never-ending as well as costly upgrade cycle most customers experience with traditional software, at a minimal total cost of ownership.

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