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Exotrac’s Yard Management System provides significant benefits to our clients in a variety of industries. As a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), company Exotrac provides solutions which enhance the effectiveness of yard operations replacing ‘paper driven’ systems with real time visibility of all transactions within the distribution environment. Exotrac seamlessly connects with other critical enterprise systems.

These systems (ERP, WMS, TMS and OMS) may be cumbersome to modify, with interface issues requiring significant IT resources. Exotrac’s system is very adaptable - requiring little or no IT assets to make the conversion. Seamless integration with enterprise WMS and TMS via Exotrac’s cloud-based system provides the management team at all levels of the enterprise instantaneous transactional data necessary to proactively plan and control their distribution operation. Staffing, trailer locations, inventory within trailers, yard checks and a host of other key operational elements are easily orchestrated using Exotrac’s system.

Many of Exotrac’s clients have spent considerable capital resources to update their enterprise systems hoping to have end-to-end supply chain visibility only to have the ‘paper driven’ yard management system preventing them from optimizing the visibility they desire.

Exotrac’s system overcomes these difficulties by bridging the gap of transactional visibility - connecting all the enterprise systems wirelessly through the web and in the cloud. Exotrac’s system provides a medium to ensure fluid movement of human resources and equipment within the yard operation all the while providing the enterprise management team the reporting mechanism to optimize efficiency and cost control.

What does Exotrac’s Yard Management System Monitor?

Exotrac’s system monitors the inbound and outbound asset movement at multiple yards, ensuring trailer condition and preventative maintenance exceptions are reported to key management team personnel. Damaged and out of service vehicles are rapidly returned into the revenue-producing inventory. Exotrac’s software solution uses barcode and RFID tagging and scanning capabilities to reduce the error of cumbersome ‘paper- driven’ systems previously in use, resulting in efficiencies such as increased throughput and reduced time on property

Exotrac’s Yard Management System facilitates the first in first out (FIFO) rules of inventory management by virtualizing the inventory and trailer information necessary for rapid fire decision making. The result is greater flexibility to manage and control costs while allowing clients to effectively attain high level customer experience in an extremely dynamic environment. Exotrac’s solution provides a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Will this system save me time and money?

In short, yes. Labor costs are reduced because the yard jockeys can scan trailers from their yard hostler without leaving the vehicle. Exotrac’s software creates a ‘virtual yard’ allowing the management team to know where trailers are located within the processing campus ensuring greater levels of efficiency and cost control.

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Yard Management System

Our Yard Management Software provides diverse valuable services to our clients, enhancing their ability to control assets into and out of the distribution environment through real time visibility at all levels of the operation.

Our software provides a predictive solution that effectively melds with established ERP, WMS and TMS systems to provide the highest level of effectiveness. The software provides a conduit ensuring that the yard operation seamlessly connects all facilities and constituent groups within the enterprise resulting in improved efficiency, greater flexibility, cost reduction and most importantly high level customer experience. The fluid movement of raw materials and finished products requires planning and orchestration, as assets are dispersed within the manufacturing network at multiple locations both physical and virtual.

While WMS and TMS systems working with the manufacturer’s ERP system support enterprise efficiency, the missing link in this network chain is a yard software system that sees all transactions and allows proactive planning and organization to optimize time and cost effectively. Our real time Yard Management Software provides these critical elements for the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of using Yard Management Software?

The key benefits of our Yard Management Software include being flexible, adaptable and sustainable. Our software will provide the support necessary in today’s retail environment to effectively manage inventory and omni-channel delivery requirements. Our real time Yard Management System provides retail clients with a solution through which they obtain a focal point to command and control the flow of transactions within their distribution environment.

  • The Exotrac software interconnects with client ERP systems to create a seamless integration. This provides fluid information exchange - allowing the client to ensure their products arrive expeditiously, intact and on time. The solution ensures high-level performance within the food and grocery distribution environment, improving profitability by creating optimal fill rate and reduced shrinkage due to perishable loss. Our clients experience reduced fuel consumption and shorter trailer time on property. At the same time, this solution provides higher dock efficiency because critical products can be prioritized to ensure freshness and on time arrival to end customers.

  • Exotrac’s system provides reporting mechanisms to ensure that key metrics are measured and actionable. Reports are customized by the client and are distributed to key management team personnel. Exotrac provides our food distribution clients a system resulting in reduced costs and spoilage, combined with a higher level of on time arrivals.

  • Our Yard Management System becomes a virtual warehouse that interacts with the dealership and OEM ERP systems - ensuring proper placement of vehicles, high fill rates and improved sales. Another aspect of our software attributes conducive to the success of our dealership clients is the ability we provide through our system to virtualize customization lanes where cars are supplied with add on items improving their added value to the end user. Our system provides our automotive dealership client’s sales team a tool to visualize vehicle inventory wherever it may be located increasing sales margin and retail customer satisfaction.

  • If you are looking to test our software, you can try our Yard Management System Lite

  • We also offer a Pro version of our Yard Management Software.

Why Exotrac

Exotrac’s Real Time Yard Management system (YMS) provides you with a cloud based system and comprehensive visibility of critical data within your supply chain.


    Industry Leading Solutions at an Economical Price Point


    Cutting edge cloud hosting service ensures highest level of security and 99.9% up time


    Real-time visibility of all transactions


    A complete timeline and searchable history of all activity


    Seamless integration with enterprise systems


    Adapts to your individual operational needs


Yard Management Solution

A key aspect of Exotrac’s Yard Management Solution contributing to the effectiveness of 3PL clients is the cloud-based software combined with the ease of connection with existing ERP, WMS and TMS systems. 3PL providers require robust connectivity capability to ensure visibility of transactions throughout their network of locations as well as within their client’s inventory and order processing system.

One of the key soft benefits of our Yard Management System is that clients using the software to augment their distribution functions are more able and ready to work with 3PL providers. Having Exotrac software in place reduces the transition timeframe and complexity, allowing Exotrac’s customers to interface with the prospective 3PL in less time and with fewer conversion issues. Exotrac’s solution provides the 3PL and Trans-Loading clients and their customers improved service levels and greater accountability - ensuring improved viability.


The competitive nature of manufacturing operations requires solutions which provide the highest levels of real time visibility to all enterprise assets, transactions and inventory. This very volatile environment requires a system that achieves end-to- end visibility throughout the enterprise and Exotrac provides the solution.

Retail Distribution

The retail industry is in a constant state of turmoil as big-box retailers attempt to remain competitive and viable. This eventuality requires software that is flexible, adaptable and sustainable. Not just any solution will provide the support necessary in today’s retail environment as the retailers manage inventory and omni-channel delivery requirements. Exotrac’s Yard Management System delivers the change management capability for our retail distribution clients.

Food Distribution

Food and grocery clients wrestle with significant challenges related to the types of products they move and the attendant equipment used to move these products. The items’ perishable nature requires speed to market unique to this industry, necessitating a solution providing high-level visibility at every segment of the supply chain. The systems used to monitor fuel consumption of refrigerated vehicles and the timing necessary to preplan arrival processing are delivered with Exotrac’s Yard Management Solution.

Automotive Dealership

Exotrac’s Automotive Dealership and OEM Storage Hub and Retrieval System provides our automotive dealerships and OEMs a software solution that ensures timely and effective positioning of all saleable vehicles into the selling floor plan. This software captures critical sales data, allowing the dealership working with the OEM to move cars into position within the storage hub just in time to be placed onto the selling floor.

3PL Logistics

Because of the competitive nature of today’s business environment, many companies are outsourcing functions that they feel are not within their core competency. Some of the fastest growing outsourced functions lie within the logistics and trans-loading operations. Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers are all looking to 3PLs to provide solutions that improve their competitive viability and overall profitability. Exotrac provides software that enhances the capability of 3PL operations to satisfy the needs of an ever-demanding client base.


Exotrac provides software for our automotive manufacturing clients which creates the highest level of real time visibility of parts and components moving within and without the manufacturing operation. Visibility of transactions and activity provides the manufacturing team the ability to react to the preplanned arrival of critical items, ensuring optimal uptime within the manufacturing plant. Using our Yard Management System, attributes of raw materials and work-in- process are visible regardless of their physical location.

Truck and Trailer Leasing

Our clients must control vast inventories of tractor and trailer assets moving over immense areas of the country: into and out of rail yards, seaports, distribution centers and other locations. These issues represent a potential logistics and control nightmare for our truck and trailer leasing customers. Fuel consumption, detention charges, service levels, asset identification, damage and scheduled maintenance are just some of the issues mitigated effectively when our client’s implement the Exotrac solution.

Yard Management System

Exotrac’s Yard Management System provides significant benefits to our clients in a variety of industries. As a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), company, Exotrac provides solutions which enhance the effectiveness of yard operations, replacing ‘paper driven’ systems with real time visibility of all transactions within the distribution environment. Exotrac seamlessly connects with other critical enterprise systems with little or no enterprise IT assets necessary.

Yard Management Software

Exotrac’s Yard Management Software provides diverse services to our clients, enhancing their ability to control assets into and out of the distribution environment through real time visibility at all levels of the operation. Our software is cloud-based and accessible from any internet enabled device, and built with user friendly web and mobile applications. Exotrac seamlessly connects your yard operation with other key operations within the distribution and transportation environments.

Yard Management Solution

Exotrac’s Yard Management Solution provides clients in a variety of industries a flexible solution, which streamlines communication of vital information within the supply chain. Real time visibility of distribution and manufacturing transactions facilitates efficiency for our customers, enhancing their effectiveness to deliver operational excellence at the highest level while improving end customer satisfaction.


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